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Everyday for the past 30 days I have practiced a daily list making activity. One list is of things to be grateful for, the other of what went well today. I am not the first to do this simple practice nor the first to notice the remarkable resilience this affords me in times of trouble.


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A word about sleep..

For good sleep Sacred space Bed is for sleep not working, emailing or social media. Your body will learn this over 30 days if you cease with the machines now! Make your bedroom like a spa...soft lights and no clutter.  This applies in daylight hours to.... keep it sacred..this is a life changing practice to build!
Subtle messages When you sleep you open to the unconscious - to a different knowing. Your body and mind will sense when your phone updates, receives messages etc. Keep the phones OUT of the bedroom - even on silent or switched off they subtly disturb you.
Routines Sleep is best when you have routines. Stop working (including work emails and social media) well before bedtime to signal to the mind and body that it is in 'down time'. A little yoga, qigong or swimming is a great way to wind down.  Here is Fa Soon Gong..a qigong form that is good for sleep.
Cease stimulation Find a selection of gentle movies and books and stick t…