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Qigong for the Governing and Conception Vessels

The Microcosmic Circulation is comprised of the Conception and Governing Vessels. In Embryological terms this vessel is formed when the single cell first divides into two. It is a reservoir of original or source Qi, said by the ancients to preserve Qi (energy) that is passed on to us by our lineage. Two of the eight extraordinary vessels of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Conception and Governing vessels 'feed' the organs and smaller meridians that we may be more familiar with. We can replenish these reservoirs through Qigong.  Here is some specifically to nurture the micro cosmic circuit.
Here is a Qigong form for the Belt or Girdle Vessel. One of the 8 Extraordinary Vessel of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Extraordinary Vessels are more like streams or reservoirs of Qi. Formed early in in our in-utero development, they are often worked during big transitions. The Belt Vessel is relevant to pregnancy and motherhood, sexuality, circulation in the legs....

Qigong and Alpha Waves - Us and the Earth

There is a fair amount of research, some by the Institute of Aviation, about the brain waves of regular Qigong Practitioners. Most fascinating to me is that the more proficient a practitioner is, the nearer to 8Hz frequency are the alpha waves. There is a so-called Humannwave at the frequency of 7.83 amongst the Earth's magnetic field. Qigong becomes a practice which illustrates Chinese Medical Theory  "Heaven and Man are united in Oneness''. Xie, Huan Zhang The scientific Basis for Qigong, 1989

Qigong and Neurotransmitters

Qigong has an effect on the electrical  activity of the brain and there is well documented evidence around this. Specifically 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) increases (2 to 3 times in regular practitioners) in the Central Nervous System. Simply put this chemical intervention increases Serotonin. The implications are greater immunity, less need for food intake and better sleep. 5-HTP is imbalanced in Bi-polar and Schizophrenic patients. It is also implicated in Parkinson's disease where the production of dopamine is imbalanced - Qigong is increasingly becoming the exercise of choice for such patients. Lin Yagu. Nanjing University Press, 1993

Qigong and Fibromyalgia

Controlled trials indicate regular qigong practice (daily, 6–8 weeks) produces improvements in core domains for fibromyalgia ( pain, sleep, impact, and physical and mental function) that are maintained at 4–6 months compared to wait-list subjects or baselines. 2014 Jana Sawynok and Mary Lynch

Qigong for Vision

Here is a medical Qigong form for vision. I practised this for 20 days daily and then noticed results including less need to use glasses. Now I practice it every now and again. Sally